11 Tips on How to Naturally Slow Aging Process

Posted by The Opulence Skin on 2/20/2017 to Anti-Aging
11 Tips on How to Naturally Slow Aging Process

It may sound cliché, but yes, in the world today, age is just a number. A 60-year old woman can pose for a magazine while wearing bikinis. A 50-year old can even find a younger partner without anyone noticing about their age difference. And who cares, right? Looks can be very deceiving. How does one maintain a young looking skin? 

With the advancement in technology, beautification is one of the most in demand area in the industry. Some even travel miles away and spend hundreds of thousands to find the best treatment to aging. It's not actually a disease but to be honest, some people fear getting and looking old. 

Aside from the natural process of aging, there are biological and external factors that can accelerate this process such as over oxidation of cell. How? Through activities that can cause stress, unhealthy lifestyle, foods with additives and preservatives and a lot more to mention. Whether it's emotionally or mentally speaking, others can't accept this natural process. Aside from technology, injections and cuts, natural procedures to slow aging would still be the best and healthiest option ever. Easy and affordable, one can fight aging without spending too much compared to having procedures that can even cause harm to your skin. 

Here are tips to naturally slow aging:

1.   Maintain a healthy diet rich in antioxidant. Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants. Fruits rich in vitamin C and amino acids can increase the glutathione level in the body.   Different variants of tea such as green tea, oolong tea and black tea contain antioxidants called polyphenols that protects the skin from free radicals or those agents damaging the healthy cells.

2.  Increase fruit and vegetable intake. Having a balanced diet is essential to getting all the nutrients that the body needs on a daily basis. Increasing intake of green leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce, tomatoes, cauliflower and turnip is a strong  weapon against pre-mature aging.  

3.  Herbs such as turmeric and garlic contain antioxidants that helps in cleansing the body from toxins that accelerate the aging process.

4.  Choose fish over meat. Fish is the primary source of Omega 3 fats, a powerful agent against inflammation and reduces cellular damage.

5.  Get enough sleep. Make sure to have a complete 8-hour rest every night. It's the best time the cells regenerate. It keeps the skin smooth and luminous, too.

6.  Drink plenty of water. Water is the primary source to hydrate your skin. Dry skin is ugly skin and ugly skin is relative to aging, too. Water supplies enough oxygen to the brain and to the entire body system. It makes you healthy and beautiful as well.

7.  Exercise daily. Jogging and walking are effective activities to make the heart pump faster and burn fats making your skin younger and healthier.

8.  Moisturize skin and apply sun screen protection.  It helps repair damaged skin and protects the skin from the harmful UV rays.  Retinol and vitamin A prevents the skin from wrinkles and cell damage.

9.  Maintain a healthy lifestyle and cut cigarettes.  Smoking destroys healthy cells and sucking cigarettes increases wrinkles on the face. Aside from the negative impact in the respiratory system, smoking is a strong contributor to aging.

10.    Take daily supplements. As people age, natural production of nutrients such as glutathione, vitamins and minerals slows down. Other than healthy foods, supplements are good source of such nutrients.

11.    Smile. This increases production of endorphins, a substance that relieves stress. Increasing oxidative stress level in cells makes the body vulnerable to harmful diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease and a lot more. 

Generally speaking, aging is a natural process that no one can really stop from coming. Slowing it down is possible though. Natural process of doing it is the safest, cheapest and easiest way. No harm to your skin and mostly your health, natural process can also increase your life span by making the body healthier and stronger against harmful agents caused by the changing world.

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