6 Proven Health Benefits of Glutathione

Posted by The Opulence Skin on 3/6/2017 to Food Supplements
6 Proven Health Benefits of Glutathione

With thousands of medicines and supplements in the market, people can't tell which exactly are the real effective ones. Some claims may be based on facts but there are some fabricated by lies. With the internet sensation and social media marketing, it is an easy touch to release how effective a medicine or a supplement is. Whether it's a fact or fake will totally depend on how great the branding is and how one will interpret and believe what he or she reads from various sources. 

Glutathione is one of the favorite topics nowadays. Not new to everybody, how to stay young and pretty are few of the most researched topic in the world wide web. Glutathione is not even new in maintaining young and glowing skin. Not only write-ups support it, there are commercials on TV and anywhere that people can easily view and listen to. Aside from being a beauty agent, there are even countless benefits glutathione can offer that people are not aware of. How can one assure its credibility? 

There are actually studies proven by tests and science to establish that glutathione indeed is the mother of all antioxidants. 

1.  Glutathione fights chronic oxidative stress that can cause cancer especially cirrhosis, Alzheimer's Disease, cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure and Parkinson's Disease. Glutathione helps in the repair of cells damaged by cancer drugs and procedures such as chemotherapy. It plays a key role in detoxifying carcinogens. 

In protecting the liver, glutathione prevents fatty liver disease by aiding in the detoxification reactions. 

2.  It acts as an inflammatory agent by inhibiting production of inflammatory cytokines. Pulmonary diseases are caused by excessive inflammation. 

3.  It slows down aging and brightens the skin. Ironically, aging naturally decreases the level of glutathione. Thus, it is important to seek for food or supplements to moderate and increase glutathione level. Glutathione also aids in skin whitening by producing a different type of melanin in skin cells. 

4.  Glutathione beats infections. Viral infections from internal and external factors heightens the level of oxidative stress in cells. Increased risk of infections indicates low glutathione level.  Glutathione is also known to fight mycobacterial activity. 

5.  It may treat psychiatric disorders. Some psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, depression and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) have low levels of glutathione in certain parts of the brain. By increasing the level of glutathione for patients, it could reduce the severity of such disorders and stress which is a strong contributor for such disorders. 

6.  It may treat sleep apnea. Difficulty in breathing is also caused by high level of oxidative stress. Increasing glutathione level leads to improved sleep quality. 

These are just some of the health benefits of glutathione in the body. Maintaining a healthy level of glutathione is necessary to lengthen human life and reduce the risk of life threatening diseases such as the ones mentioned above. Natural activities such as eating foods rich in amino acids and vitamin C helps in increasing glutathione level. Exercise with enough sleep and a healthy lifestyle are best practices to maintain a good level of glutathione. 

Nowadays, supplements are readily available in the market. Make sure to grab the most reliable glutathione to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin while battling the natural process of aging. 

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