Rosehip Oil: For a Miranda Kerr-like Glowing Skin

Posted by The Opulence Skin on 11/29/2016 to Skin Whitening
Rosehip Oil:  For a Miranda Kerr-like Glowing Skin

Rosehip Oil : For a Miranda Kerr-like Glowing Skin


Ever question what makes certain models stand out among the crowd?

For some, it may be an elegant dress, sparkling accessories, or a carefully-applied make-up. But for Miranda Kerr, it is all about being natural.

The secret to her beauty?

It all starts from underneath the skin and it is thanks to the known beautifying power of Rosehip oil, virginly pressed from the fruit of the same flower known for its beauty and thorns.

True enough, Miranda Kerr is an edifying figure of what makes a model stand out—even now as a a mother of a child, she still maintains an image that will get you to question why becoming a parent is not a hindrance to keeping one’s good looks.

The question is, must it even?

The Natural Wonders of Rosehip Oil

Why rosehip oil?

Well, that is the multi-million-dollar question that put Kerr in the pedestal so as to be labelled Forbes 2013 second-highest paid model. Surely, she does not get paid that much if there is not something amazing about her, is not it?

But, more importantly, the better question here is: what are in this oil that make a model maintain her beauty?

We take a look at the active ingredients that makes rosehip oil the secret to a woman’s glowing beauty.

Essential Fatty Acids

You may probably know of omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids as healthful to a human heart and body. But what you may not know is that these same fatty acids are critical to our skin cells’ regeneration and tissue repair.

In addition, rosehip oil also contains other essential fatty acids in it—namely linoleic and linolenic acid—which not only aid in the skin cells’ regeneration but also help in cell restoration which keeps the smoothness of the skin’s surface.

Individually, linoleic acid helps our skin by forming a natural barrier which help shield it from harmful elements in nature. Linolenic acid, on the other hand, help prevent the dryness of the skin by providing it with essential moisture.

The culmination of all these fatty acids seeks to fix aging women’s most common problem—premature wrinkles.



Antioxidants are free radicals’ main enemy in our body. What destroys us from within, antioxidants remove as part of its natural process. But the very removal of this co-called free radicals in our body helps us tremendously in the process, especially in maintaining our beauty.

When we keep free radicals to a minimum or not existing at all, our immune system is stronger and our cells are healthy. As a result, we age less fast and we even exude some glow from the inside-out.

Collectively, these antioxidants are composed of lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamin A, and Vitamin E.





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