How to Whiten Underarms?

Posted by The Opulence Skin on 10/28/2016 to Underarm Whitening
How to Whiten Underarms?
Confidence is always saying yes and facing every challenge with a smile and an I-can-do-everything attitude. It's looking at the bright side of everything and bringing in good vibes to stay happy and beautiful. That's what every woman is longing for. In contrast, seeing the dark side brings negativity, lack of confidence, and agony. Just imagine if you're wearing this dark thing in you? It's a total distress. 


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There are three things I look for in a soap; one smell, two the squeaky clean feel and three hypoallergenic, good for sensitive skin.

PS. What I love about Opulence glycolic soap is it’s peeling you up in a way that it’s not obvious. I only notice that I’m peeling whenever I apply my day cream. Your dead skin will peel in the form of “libag”, except it’s white. Haha! 

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