Frequently Asked Questions – The Opulence Skin

About The Opulence Skin

1.       What is The Opulence Skin?

The Opulence Skin is a Filipino-owned company that offers effective and affordable skin care products. It uses the best local and imported active ingredients, carefully studied and developed by some of the top-notch chemists and dermatologists in the country. The products are formulated specifically to match the skin type and needs of the Filipinos.

The head office is located at Office 3B Kaminari Bldg., 247-249 Banaue St., Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City. In order to address the needs of Filipinos from all corners of the country, The Opulence Skin is also inclined in the e-commerce industry as well as reselling. The website is user-friendly and purchase can be made online. There are just few simple steps to follow to purchase online.

2.       What can I buy from The Opulence Skin? 

The Opulence Skin offers a variety of skin whitening products, underarm whitening products, anti-aging products and food supplements. 

The Opulence Skin offers an array of skin whitening products ranging from soaps, facial creams, body lotion and supplements equipped with L-Glutathione. Its featured product is known as The Opulence Body Whitening Trio composed of the OPULENCE NUTRAWHITE GLUTATHIONE, OPULENCE ULTRA WHITE SKIN CLARIFYING SOAP enriched with Aloe Vera Extract, Rosehip Oil, Kojic Acid, Arbutin, and Glutathione and the OPULENCE ULTRA WHITE PROTECT GLOW BOOSTER BODY LOTION WITH SPF30 that protects the skin against the harmful UV rays. 

Opulence Fresh and White Deodorant prevents the underarm from excessive sweating and it also whitens the underarms. It is enriched with ingredients that lessen skin dryness and minimizes skin pores. 

For the anti-aging products, it offers the Opulence Flawless Finish Facial Mousse Cream which is available in two tones, skin tone and pink. This combats fine lines and deep wrinkles as it gives your skin a pinkish glow. 

3.       How much are the skin care products? 

The Opulence Products are very affordable to consumers. The price ranges from Php130.00 to P1,800.00. They also have promos where you can save as much as Php 150.00 to fifty percent of the price. You may visit the website for the exact details. 

    Ordering and Payment

1.       How do I avail/purchase the products of The Opulence Skin? 

You can avail the products through online purchase or through legitimate re-sellers. For online purchase, just visit the website at http://www.theopulenceskin.com/. You may register by clicking Create New Account for those without existing user account. Should you wish not to register, you may manually input all your personal details once you have clicked the items you want to avail. Choose as many items as you want, then click add to cart and proceed with the payment. The total amount of purchase is calculated and totalled before you proceed to checkout. You can review the items before proceeding with the payment. 

2.       How do I pay my order? 

There are two ways to pay your order. First is through PayPal. Once you have added to your cart the items you would like to avail, just click checkout with PayPal and indicate the details requested for verification purposes. Make sure that this is a valid account. Otherwise, this will not be honoured. 

The second option is through bank payment. You would need to accomplish completely the billing information that includes your personal details such as complete name, address, email address, company name and contact details and the zip code. The shipping information should also be completely filled out. Opulence offers free shipping nationwide for orders over Php 1,000.00. For orders of less than the required purchase amount of P1,000.00, additional shipping fee of P 135.00 will be added for domestic shipping. For orders that will be shipped outside the Philippines, rate will be calculated separately. A new email for the updated Invoice will be forwarded to the buyer. Payment can be settled via Banco de Oro. 

BDO Bank Details: 

Acct Name : GNS Beauty Products Inc.

Acct No. 642 009 0236. 

3.       Can I order even if I’m outside the Philippines?

Yes, that’s possible. Since items can be viewed online through the company’s website, it’s very accessible for everybody. A separate computation for the total amount of items purchased plus the shipping fee will be forwarded to the buyer’s email.

4.       Is there a minimum amount to get free shipping? 

You can get free shipping for a minimum required purchase of P 1,000.00. You should select "FREE SHIPPING" on the shipping method upon check out to avail promo. 

5.       How long does it take before I receive my order? 

It usually takes three to five days for the shipping upon payment of order. It may vary based on the location of the buyer. This will be communicated via email. 

6.       Does Opulence offer discounts and special promo or offers? 

Yes. In fact, the featured product, Opulence Body Whitening Trio consists of OPULENCE NUTRAWHITE GLUTATHIONE, OPULENCE ULTRA WHITE SKIN CLARIFYING SOAP and the OPULENCE ULTRA WHITE PROTECT GLOW BOOSTER BODY LOTION WITH SPF30 saves you about Php 146.00. They also offer Buy 1 Get 1 Promo from time to time. Follow their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/theopulenceskin/  and their website http://www.theopulenceskin.com/ for announcements. 

7.       How can I receive product updates? 

During your first purchase, you will be asked of you would like to be notified about the product updates. Just click the box and you will receive emails for the product updated and special announcements.