Glutathione Supplement: Everything You Need to Know

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Glutathione Supplement: Everything You Need to Know

Skin whitening is not a new phenomenon in the world, and millions of people rely on all manner of products to reduce the tan and make their skins whiter and brighter so that they can look more beautiful. There is no denying that the indulgence of skin whitening products in the market today is astonishing, but again, this is no guarantee that the first product you pick off the stores or the shelves will give you the results you have hoped for.

Dodgy manufacturers and traders have taken advantage of the incredible demand for these products and gone ahead to produce low quality supplements that may bring more harm than good should you use them unknowingly. But there are also tried and tested skin whitening supplements you can use and get incredible results, and one of the options currently available in the market today is Glutathione supplement.

In this article, we give you all the information you need to know about Glutathione supplement so that you can easily decide if it is the product you have been looking for to solve all your skin whitening needs.

What is Glutathione Supplement?

Glutathione is a chemical substance produced by the body and it occurs naturally in every body cell. It primarily consists of three amino acids – glycine, glutamate and cysteine. It serves a role in a lot of chemical reactions, including in the immune functions of the body.

It has the ability to control inflammation and is sometimes referred to as a master detoxifier, being one of the body’s main antioxidants. Other than being a powerful antioxidant, it can also recycle other antioxidants through the destruction of free radicals and the regeneration of new protective glutathione molecules needed to enhance the body’s immunity to diseases.

Lack of glutathione in the body has been associated with various illnesses ranging from asthma to chronic fatigue syndrome and to more deadly complications such as heart diseases and even cancer. On the other hand, enhanced levels of glutathione in the body is known to reduce the effects of aging, dementia, lower the risks of heart diseases, cancer and damages to the muscles. It can also help to increase strength and endurance, and reduce recovery times amongst athletes. As such, it is easy to understand why this supplements continue to receive accolades from all places as one of the mightiest antioxidants the world has ever had.

Glutathione and Skin Lightening

You are probably reading this piece because of your interest in glutathione for skin whitening. It should be known that skin whitening is not one of the primary applications of glutathione molecules in the body, but it comes about as a side effects of its actions. As an antioxidant, glutathione is responsible for helping the body get rid of wastes and also offering protection against the actions of free radicals which are known to cause the appearance of wrinkles in the skin, consequently leading to aging.

As stated earlier, glutathione is naturally produced in the body, but there are certain occasions when its levels in the body can be significantly low due to poor diets, stress, infections, medications, presence of too much toxins in the body or simply reduces as a result of old age. By taking glutathione supplements, you increase the body’s capacity to produce more of the molecules.

In most cases, the supplements can be taken intravenously, topically or orally, and they will be absorbed into the blood stream and transported to the liver where they will be used to create more natural glutathione to be transported to various cells around the body.

One thing to note about Glutathione’s prowess in skin lightening is as a results of its constituent components. For instance, cysteine, which is the main component in a glutathione molecule, is known to reduce the production of melanin in the body by inhibiting the actions of tyrosinase and altering the metabolic pathway of melanin leading to the creation of light-pigmented melanin of the dark-pigmented melanin which is usually the original product. Consequently, with the continued use of glutathione supplements, there will be a gradual shift of the skin tone from dark to lighter, beginning from the inside towards the outside.

Choosing the Best Glutathione Supplements

Just like when buying any other supplement, you need to take some time to research and ensure you get the right supplement which will give you the results you had hoped it will give. Currently in the market, there is a huge variety of glutathione supplements and as usual, there is no guarantee that all of them are genuine and safe for use.

Here is a brief look at some of the factors you should consider when buying this supplement so that you end with the very good one-:

The manufacturer – for the best results, the supplements you buy should come from manufacturers with a good reputation of producing high quality and effective products. You should avoid getting your supplements from little known providers or strange online stores promising very big results should you make the purchase from them. Take your time to research the manufacturer and ascertain that they are legit and have been producing quality supplements for some time.

Reviews – with supplements, reading reviews is a great way to know if you will have a good experience with what you are just about to purchase and this is why you should never choose your glutathione supplement before you go through the online reviews. It is through the reviews that you will learn about certain side effects which may not be have been indicated in the product and you will generally tell if the particular supplement you are interested in will give you the results you desire based on the experience of the previous users.

The stores – while considering the manufacturer of the supplement, also take keen interest on the store vending the supplement, lest you purchase a knockoff from the black market. Restrict your purchases to reputable stores with a record of stocking quality and genuine supplements from the leading manufacturer.

Watch out for hydroquinone – hydroquinone is a bleaching agent that some manufacturers use in their skin care products and it is a chemical known to have cancer-causing effects. The main purpose for use in the skin care industry is for it to hasten the results so that users can see result faster. But with glutathione supplements, this is a chemical that shouldn’t be used and you should check the ingredients and components used in the supplement to ensure that it doesn’t contain any hydroquinone, or else, you will be simply bleaching your skin instead whitening it. The two are very different.

Preferred mode of application – there are primarily three ways through which you can take the glutathione supplements-: topically as a skin gel, intravenously or orally. Depending on the results you desire, as well as how fast you want them, you can choose the supplements in form of pills or lotion or gels.

Choose glutathione infused with vitamin C – it is believed that the best way to get the most out of the glutathione supplements is to choose the ones infused with vitamin C. Vitamin C enhances the productivity of glutathione and you will likely see better results compared to using those without vitamin C.

Glutathione Dosage for Skin Whitening

The recommended dosage for glutathione supplements is 2000mg per day, though this is likely to vary from one individual to another and will also depend on how you take the supplements. Here is a brief depending on the various ways through with the supplements can be taken-:

Taking Glutathione orally

The greatest concern when it comes to taking glutathione orally is always on the absorption, because when taken orally, it is not as bioavailable as when it is taken via an injection. A lot of it do get broken down in the stomach before they can be absorbed into the blood stream. If you have to take these supplements orally, then here are a few tips to help you get the most out of them-:

·       Take them on an empty stomach to ensure maximum absorption

·       Divide the recommended dosage into two and take the tablets twice a day instead of taking all the pills at the same time.

·       If you purchased those that are not infused with vitamin C, then consider combining them with Vitamin C supplements to increase their effectiveness in the body.

·       You may have to wait for between three and four months before you start seeing the results on your skin. Be patient and allow the pills some time to take effect.

Using Glutathione Topically

Most of the skin care products, including skin whiteners are always in the form of creams or lotions which are applied topically and you will also find lots of Glutathione supplements in cream or lotion form which you can simply use as you usually use the normal creams and lotions.

One of the greatest advantages of using glutathione supplement topically is that it allows the glutathione molecules to be delivered directly and immediately to the skin instead of the digestion processes associated with the oral pills which will have undergone some alterations before they become bioavailable to the skin.

Additionally, using Glutathione topically has been proven to yield betters results relatively faster compared to the case of pills. If you desire to apply glutathione topically, then you are highly encouraged to also go for glutathione soap for bathing so that you get the very best results.

Getting Glutathione Injection

Finally, glutathione can be delivered directly to the blood stream intravenously through an injection. Getting the glutathione injection is a quick and a highly effective method to brighten and whiten the skin because all the glutathione injected will be 100% bioavailable to the skin. With injections, a single dose containing between 500 and 600mg of glutathione is normally used and may occasionally be infused with vitamin C to enhance its efficiency.

The only challenge that comes with this mode of application is that it needs to be done be a licensed practitioner and this may sometimes be costly. For example, one injection may cost $50 and you may need up to 15 injections before you start seeing some good results.

Side Effects of Glutathione

Genuine and high quality glutathione supplements don’t have any significant side effects, though different users may register different reactions. So far, the following are some of the concerns as far as the side effects go-:

·       Allergies and rashes when used in excess

·       Some may contain hydroquinone which is a bleaching agent whose use has been banned in skin care products. Be very careful with where you get your supplements.

·       A few women have experienced vomiting, nausea, and indigestion when using glutathione supplements.

·       Liver and or kidney damage if they are used in excess over a short period of time. To avoid this, always use the supplements are instructed by the manufacturer.

·       There are also cases when some people got injected with fake supplements and these had significant effects in their health. To avoid this, always get the glutathione IVs from licensed medical practitioners.

The Most Effective Glutathione Capsules

In as much as there are many glutathione supplements in the industry, pinpointing the most effective one may be a bit of a challenge since users will have different results for different types. However, if you didn’t have the time to research and just needed a proven tablet that is guaranteed to give you the best results, then you should consider Opulence Nutrawhite Glutathione and Vitamin C capsules.

This is a product by The Opulence Skin and it fits the bill for the right kind of glutathione supplement you need for your skin whitening and brightening needs. With its formulation, you are not just guaranteed of a good looking skin, but also it will improve the health of the bones, the blood vessels, the teeth, and the cartilage.

Additionally, with its antioxidant properties, it will protect the body’s cell from getting damaged with the free radicals, especially those that attack the skin, leading to faster skin degeneration, hence aging. Besides, The Opulence Skin is a renowned manufacturer and vendor of skin care products in the Philippines and you can safely trust the supplements you get from them.

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