How to Whiten Underarms?

Posted by The Opulence Skin on 10/28/2016 to Underarm Whitening
How to Whiten Underarms?

Confidence is always saying yes and facing every challenge with a smile and an I-can-do-everything attitude. It's looking at the bright side of everything and bringing in good vibes to stay happy and beautiful. That's what every woman is longing for. In contrast, seeing the dark side brings negativity, lack of confidence, and agony. Just imagine if you're wearing this dark thing in you? It's a total distress. 

In general, not all dark is ugly. But if it's your underarms, that surely is the worst thing ever that can happen to anyone, especially women. Everything should be bright and naturally beautiful including your underarms. Aside from being part of the body, your underarms are like clothes that you wear, an asset and something that you should freely and proudly show to everybody. That is confidence, showing the real you. It's not just showing off for no reason at all, it's an expression of yourself. The freedom to wear any style, color, cut, design, or length of the dress is a reflection of your  personality and nobody wants to be in control of that than yourself - not those dark underarms. For instance, wearing sleeveless is not simply getting a piece of clothing from your wardrobe, it's choosing the best style to define yourself. How can someone raise a hand if there is something dark under? How can someone even dare to wear something if doing so means having limited body movements, or else she'll probably end up being a blind item having the dark shades of armpits? Every girl must have had the same bad experience. 

Usually, during adolescence period, young women notice discoloration or darkening of underarms. They become more curious and find several ways to cure the problem. They often grab what's readily available and within reach. Sometimes, they tend to make the wrong decisions and make the case worse than ever. What's the root of these dark underarms? There are many reasons for dark underarms. Friction between clothes and the armpit, genetics, health condition, too much sweating, shaving, plucking too much that it scratches your skin, too strong deodorants, etc. Reasons are uncountable. Solving the issue is simpler and less complicated than what you think. 

There are various ways to brighten your underarms. You can choose from the natural ones, the easier ones, with the fastest results, the painful one, the expensive, or simply the most practical and effective way. For people who wants to know the secret on how to whiten underarms, here are short but sweet ways to brighten those dark underarms:

4 Best & Most Effective Ways to Whiten Underarms Fast

1. For Nature Lovers 

Lemon is not just a diet fruit, it's also a strong whitening agent. It's a natural cleanser with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Just rub a slice of lemon to your underarms before taking a bath. Try to add some cucumber to soothe your skin and avoid dryness, itching, and irritation. 

2. Do the Scrub and Exfoliation 

Underarms need exfoliation, too. It's as important as your face. Dead skin should be carefully removed by using natural scrubs. Exfoliating is very healthy and a must as part of hygiene especially to those who sweat excessively. Since there is no much air coming into this part of your body, specifically when wearing long sleeves under a sunny weather, sweat is accumulated in the underarms. Germs can multiply and this can develop to body odor. Scrubbing and exfoliating is very healthy to make your skin clean and bright. 

White baking soda is another alternative scrub to whiten your underarms. It can prevent body odor and unclogs your pores. Just mix baking soda with water and gently scrub your underarms. Wash with water and dry. 

3. Say Hello to Deodorant 

In the Philippines where the temperature is always high and the surrounding's humid, Filipinos tend to choose a deodorant that can help prevent excessive sweating and can leave a fresh and long lasting scent. However, despite the unlimited stocks of deo from different distributors from all sides of the world, it's very rare to find the perfect match for each pair of underarms. Sometimes, deo just smells good at the first few minutes of use. For the working people, after taking the bus and going to work, the scent fades away and becomes a worse case of BO. Sweat flows like rain. A very stressful way to start your day. It doesn't just make you feel uncomfortable, it can also stain your blouse and leaves a dark mark on your underarms.

The best formula is to use natural deo which doesn't use harmful chemicals causing two shades darker to your armpits. Ingredients are simpler and no artificial agents are present that attracts germs and bacteria. Natural products are safer and are very gentle to your skin. It may take time to whiten but it's all worth it. 

4. Beauty through Technology 

Laser is a popular way to remove unwanted hair and eventually whiten underarms. It's the easiest, yet the most expensive one.  Chemical peels and bleaching are also an innovative procedure to whiten underarms where succeeding treatments are required. 

Another piece of advice is to avoid shaving and start waxing. The former can peel the skin causing irritation, rashes, and will result to 99.99% dark underarms. It can also cause the growth of thicker and darker hair that makes your underarms appear darker. On the other hand, waxing is very useful and healthy because it removes hair at the root. Some waxing salon uses natural ingredients in waxing. These natural agents can cure your dark skin and lighten them as you make waxing a habit. 

Not every suggestion will work for all people. Skin differs from one another and the reaction varies as well.  You better try, and try until you get the best one that fits your underarms well. Be gentle with your armpits. This will help you face the world with your chin up and both hands up high! 

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Image courtesy of Tom Merton on Flickr.

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