Scientifically Proven Facts About Anti-Aging

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Scientifically Proven Facts About Anti-Aging

For many years now, the challenge of understanding aging has been – ironically – a slow-acting process. With so much to understand when it comes to aging and health improvement, many people can be quite unsure about where to turn when they want to help better understand the challenges of aging. Since it’s still something that we are learning about as species, it’s very hard for you to start making assumptions about this matter.

To help you get around this topic, here are some facts and figures that exist about aging that would help you better understand it. The information is scientifically proven by major institutes such as National Institute on Aging (NIA) and American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), both are authorities on the effects of aging and the most trusted experts on the subject.

Lifestyle & Age Affects Skin Quality

One of the most important findings that we can point to as fact today is that both lifestyle and age can have a major effect on the way that your skin looks as time progresses. For example, acts such as being dehydrated often, spending excessive time tanning, living in arid locations, being stressed out, or even just losing oil glands through aging can all contribute to dry, itchy, old-looking skin.

Also, it may be due to other issues ranging from a damaged kidney to diabetes, which leaves you unable to make the most out of your health. Aside from age, NIA discovered that we also have to attribute the importance of our skin thinning with age. As we get older, your skin begins to thin out and causes your skin to become dryer and weaker due to the lack of moisture.

Aging Causes Bruising

Another major problem that we can suffer from though comes from bruising. Naturally, as our bodies get less resistant, we are more prone to bruising as we age. Younger people are more resistant to damage physically, but as we get older we can find that we tend to bruise much easier than we did in the past. This is naturally a problem and it can make it quite hard to determine when and where bruises are coming from.

The NIA suggests that you should definitely look to see medical opinion if you find that your bruising continues on a random basis that cannot be explained. This issue is far more serious compared to the usual things that you worry about your skin like dark underarm spots, which can be simply remedied by using underarm whitening products

Wrinkling with Age

The same report indicates that as time goes on, our skin forces itself to wrinkle as a way to protect us from the environment we live in. Wrinkles, though, should be treated by a genuine health professional, as it’s not something that many of the anti-wrinkle/anti-aging solutions can correct.

The problems that cause wrinkles – and the solutions that solve them – are rarely as simple as using a formula. Therefore, you should be careful with the medicines, as well as the food supplements that you take as it may do more harm than good.

Dealing with Age Spots

Another common problem that people encounter is age spots. These are typically flat, brown spots that form on our bodies after continued exposure to the sun over the years. Hence, they can only occur as we get older, thus why many people point to them being ‘age spots’ – they tend to be large freckle-like images that appear on the face, hands, arms, back, and feet. Some skin whitening products in the market could wipe away these problematic areas, but for stubborn age spots, it will need the help of a professional.

Another problem that people can find due to aging is the development of skin tags. Skin tags are harmless but easily irritated bumps of raised skin that can become very common in locations like the neck, chest, and groin as time progresses. Again, you should keep an eye on this and refer to a medical professional if you are unsure about it.

Combatting Aging of the Skin

Many of us can be unfortunate victims of skin aging that takes place when we cannot do anything about it. If you are someone who has regularly watched his/her skin weaken and lose quality, then you might want to listen to the AAD about this problem. Here are some of the tips that they offer about making sure you can begin to look after your skin in the correct manner required:

·         Start to eat a healthier and more balanced diet as soon as you can. Eating fresh fruit and more greens is a natural way to stop your skin from developing wrinkles and excessively aging prematurely. The more vitamins and nutrients that we can get into our bodies, the better we are likely to start feeling.

·         Avoid carrying the same facial expressions. One of the worst things you can do to your face that makes it easier for wrinkles to come out is by doing different facial expressions. If you do this over and over, they will begin to form permanent lines that are going to make it hard for you to manage your skin and keep it looking excellent.

·         Stop smoking. One of the best ways you can improve skin quality and begin to look better than before is to cut out cigarettes. It’s a bad habit that forces major wrinkle development as well as turning your skin into a dull, almost sallow-like complexion that nobody wants to have.

·         Start using Glutathione capsules. This food supplement not only gives you a whiter skin, but it also provides countless health benefits that are not yet known to the public. It is considered to be a master antioxidant that helps keep your skin younger and healthier.

After a day where you can feel like you have sweated more than you usually would, it can pay dividends to turn around and start looking into more active and engaging ways you can look after your skin. Wash your face in the morning and at night, especially when you feel like you’ve done your fair share of sweating that day. It can make a pretty unbelievable difference to how your skin looks and feels!

As ever, be sure to take interest in these studies and learn more about how you can start to manage and prepare your skin to feel as comfortable as it can be. A lot of simple, yet safe remedies can be tested to see if it will work on your skin such as whitening soaps that also contains deep moisturizing and anti-aging properties. Feel free to experiment, but make sure that you’re using it with caution. – 

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