Skin Whitening in the Philippines: How to Do it Right?

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Skin Whitening in the Philippines: How to Do it Right?

In a country where dark complexion so prevalent and having a fair skin tone is considered to be the standard of beauty, so many Filipinas are willing to do everything to achieve a lighter complexion. Having said that, our generation is so fortunate to have so many available options on the market today that are budget-friendly, effective, and best of all, healthy & safe to consume. Skin whitening in the Philippines is a way of life, a tradition older than most of the products that we are using, and probably than most of us who are reading this article.

Being obsessed with having a light skin tone may have probably started all the way back to the Spanish and American colonization when our ancestors were treated differently for the sole reason that they are not mestizos and mestizas. Discrimination may no longer be the case right now why many Asians still find the need to undergo skin whitening treatment, but this mentality is here to stay for a long time – a way of thinking that has been ingrained deep into our culture.

As many of you have noticed, the Philippines is not the only Asian country obsessed with getting fairer complexion. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the concept was just considered an up-and-coming market, local companies in the Asian region were among the first to see the potential of the whitening segment in skin care industry. Soon, established global brands rapidly got on the trend when they witness the eye-catching sales growth enjoyed by local businesses that took the risk.

The Skin Whitening Industry in the Philippines

According to a study, 2 out of 5 women in Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea) think they are more beautiful with fair skin tone. Not surprisingly, it’s highlighted in the study that the Philippines have the highest product usage among the countries included in the research. It’s estimated that 1 in 2 people or 50% of Filipinas consume at least one type of skin whitening product.

For internal/oral use, glutathione tops the list of the most effective skin whitening product in the Philippines. Without a doubt, nothing is as straightforward as using glutathione capsules. You just drink it like your favorite multivitamins every single day and you’ll start to gradually notice the difference it provides to your skin. In no time, you’ll begin to see that your skin has now become fairer than before. As an added bonus, it also gives your body its much-needed detoxification, which removes all the impurities from your body, especially your liver.

Hopefully, these two reasons would suffice already for you to give the best glutathione capsules in the Philippines a try. It must be noted that quality food supplements must be chosen all the time. With this, you must be cautious of the capsules that you’re purchasing and ensure that you only buy FDA approved supplements. Due to the popularity of oral glutathione capsules, people can now choose to have their dose of this potent antioxidant in the form of injection.

While not as heavily endorsed due to some risks compared to its oral counterpart, individuals who want to achieve results at a faster rate take Glutathione injections. Just a word of advice, this procedure is not something that can be done at home or at your local salon. Medical practitioners such as doctors and nurses should only do this practice – people who know how to handle emergency situations in case unexpected things suddenly happen during the process.

Now, let’s go to the external products that are widely used by Filipinas. It’s a different ball game when it comes to external skin whitening products as every part of the body has its own needs that must be provided in order for the results to become noticeable.

Let’s start with the most abused part of a women’s body, the armpits. The industry of underarm whitening in the Philippines has become such a big hit as it’s somehow considered to be a borderline private area, yet it’s not exactly necessary to hide it. Due to its notoriety, Filipinas are trying their best to ensure that this area of their body is always pleasant to look at. As most women already know, making your armpits attractive starts with the use of the most effective deodorant on the market. Just like any product, not all deodorants are created equal.

Primarily, before you even consider buying a deodorant, you should first get to know your own skin type. By knowing this, you can avoid damaging your armpits that may actually lead to having dark underarms. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you’ll be using a skin whitening deodorant. One brand that comes to mind is Opulence Fresh and White Deodorant, which is known to help reduce skin dryness due to waxing and shaving. As the product contains natural plant extracts from sugar beet, it aids in enhancing your skin’s radiance while minimizing underarm pores.

Other Skin Whitening Products for Overall Hygiene

Skin whitening and overall hygiene are somewhat intertwined in terms of the similarities of the products being used. Some might even consider that the products used for skin whitening are mostly just an upgraded version of the items we use to maintain good hygiene such as soap, lotion, deodorant, facial wash, moisturizer, and toner among others.

Glutathione in the Philippines or anywhere in the world have a daily-recommended dosage, which is why we’re left with no choice but to seek other skin whitening alternatives such as the daily products that we use for ourselves. When used in the right way, these products are also as effective as a glutathione capsule.

You may have probably heard already by now the latest trend on the market – charcoal soap by Opulence Skin. This product is known to deeply cleanse your skin by removing dead skin cells and toxins deep within your pores. Basically, it’s external cleansing and exfoliating agent provides skin whitening properties to this product. In addition, this charcoal soap in the Philippines aids in eliminating blemishes, rashes, and scarring.

Another daily product that we tend to take for granted is facial moisturizer. Just like Opulence Flawless Finish Facial Mousse Cream, a product proven for it’s anti aging properties, which contains the best ingredients from other countries and aids in protecting your skin while preventing premature aging. As it contains active ingredients that help achieve making your face lighter, it’s a good way to ensure that not only your body is fair, but your face as well.

Naturally, whenever you use a facial moisturizer, you follow it up by using body lotion. Opulence Ultra White Protect Glow contains SPF30 to help protect your skin from the harmful effects of the Sun. This proven skin whitening product allows you to become whiter in an affordable way.

If you consider yourself as some type of an expert in the field of skin care maintenance, you may have used a facial set before. A facial set includes a peel serum, night repair cream, day cream, toner, and lastly, a facial cleanser.

At first, you might consider this as an ultra-complicated procedure, but in time, you’ll realize that it’s just as easy as any of your regular routine. First, use a gentle facial cleanser. Just massage a little quantity onto damp skin with light, round motions, evading the eye outline area, then wash with warm water.

Second, right after cleansing, use the facial toner. Mildly sweep over the facial area and neck with a cotton swab or just your fingers. Best uses twice daily (morning & night), before applying the other products to somehow eliminate some residues not removed by the soap. After the toner, you must apply the gentle peel serum by dispensing two to three pumps and applying it on the face while mildly patting it to encourage absorption into your skin.

Depending on the time of the day, you must alternate the day and night cream to ensure that you’re protected as well whenever you’re asleep or outside of your home. By doing all these steps, you’re ensured that you’ll have a whiter and healthier skin in no time.

Advantage of Having a Whiter Skin

People with light skin pigmentation or fairer complexion living in low sunlight environments have a higher Vitamin D synthesis as compared to Filipinas with dark skin pigmentation due to its ability to absorb more sunlight. Almost every part of our human body – skeleton, immune system, and brain requires vitamin D. It is also known that sunlight is necessary for the production of Vitamin D. Having said that, one of the scientific benefits of having a fair complexion is the ability to get more Vitamin D that your skin needs in order to be healthy.

Until now, Asians who have dark complexions still think they are not beautiful enough, which is why they continue to patronize skin whitening products. For them, they still have the mentality that being mestizas or mestizos are the only skin color that is widely accepted by society. While some people don’t care what society tells them but still continue using whitening products. As a result, knowing that they have a fair skin helps boosts their confidence when they feel that they the way they wanted to be.

Here are some of the advantages of having a lighter skin:

·Boost one’s self-confidence. Women of today (and men) have multiple roles and responsibilities, which make confidence necessary in helping them to achieve their potential in every aspect of their lives. Confidence is disguised in many forms and one of the most important of all, if not the most important, is physical confidence. Sometimes, this is what separates a successful person and a depressed individual. Good skin plays a vital part on how the person views himself/herself and the way she responds to her ever surroundings that affect her. Skin confidence comes from having a good skin. When your skin is healthy, it allows your self-esteem to be boosted and makes it easier for an individual to focus and accomplish many tasks life throws at them. Remember, skin confidence is the ease and comfort you feel with your own skin, with or without make-up.

·Promote peace of mind and happiness. When you have built your confidence because you have achieved the skin color that you have always wanted, your mind will be at ease knowing that you are in your best self. It allows you to have a better perspective in life knowing that you’ll be able to sleep better at night. As the saying goes, happiness comes from within. When you feel beautiful about yourself, it shows on the outside; and when you know that you look good, you feel good. Sometimes, it’s so surprising to see what a skin whitening soap in the Philippines can do to a Filipina.

·Fit in with the society and better chances for one’s career. Without a doubt, discrimination has mellowed already nowadays, but due to the ingrained mentality that was built for centuries that a fair complexion is our standard of beauty, it’s still an advantage to have whiter skin – at least for some people who think traditionally. We cannot deny the fact that most global companies are owned by Western people, which somehow makes them choose employees that are of their own kind. Having a whiter skin may be a great equalizer in terms of allowing you to get noticed.

Maintaining healthy looking skin and a healthy appearance can open so many doors for people. By allotting time and money on self-improvement and looking good, one can regain self-esteem and built their confidence. If people feel good about themselves, we release their potential and they remain productive members of society.

Whatever your solution may be to achieve self-confidence, it may be due to a glutathione capsule from Japan, skin whitening soap from India, or even a locally acquired skin whitening lotion in the Philippines; as long as you’ve done something to elevate yourself in a way that you know is right, then you should be proud of yourself no matter what other people have to say.

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