Testimonials – The Opulence Skin 


Thank you to my Opulence family for loading me with skin food before I make it to the other side of the planet! Thank you for the SPF and hydration and protection and rejuvenation in these boxes and bottles. It’s been a year and you guys continue to take care of me. So much love from wherever I am in this world. 


The Opulence Skin product, specifically the whitening detox soap, has a super great result on my face skin. The three pimples on my face that made a scar were removed. Although not totally, but I’m so proud and confident to show the changes on my face within just less than two weeks. It also lessened the black heads on my face, the acidity was lessened and also the pimples that kept on popping out.

I also recommended it to one of my sister's friend who has the same problem like mine and she's so happy with the result. She didn't regret that she took my suggestion.

So for the Opulence product whitening detox soap, I give it a two thumbs-up same with the matte face cream that I keep on using until now. 

Venus Balito - Ms Glamour Look 2017

As the reigning MS. GLAMOUR LOOK OF THE YEAR, I am humbly sharing with you all ladies the real skin care secret to look naturally beautiful and young. I am just simply using Opulence L -Glutathione + Boosters. Also, I can now say goodbye to my rough skin by nourishing it with Opulence Vitamin C with Rosehips.

Wanna know my secret? Let your skin reflect your inner beauty, be beautiful like a beauty queen and experience the soothing touch of Opulence Glow Booster Body Lotion with SPF 30, Opulence Matte Face Cream with SPF 30 and Opulence Luscious Caramel Facial Mousse Cream. Achieve that natural pinkish glow by using these products. 

Maria Camille

Thank you to Opulence Skin product! Now I can enjoy my day without hiding my face with make-ups. Less pores, less pimples and smoother skin surface NOW.

I have the incredible skin that I’ve been wanting. It didn't just whiten my skin, it’s even pinkish now! It's like I'm always blooming. No need for blush on.

Thank you so much. It's a pleasure to be one of your consumers! 


Opulence Clarifying Soap - a multi-benefit skin clarifying soap for a more radiant skin

Opulence Matte face Cream - promotes skin exfoliation to reveal a much whiter and smoother skin tone underneath

Opulence Body Lotion - perfect for a natural and healthy glow. Protects and nourishes skin.

OPULENCE NUTRAWHITE L-GLUTATHIONE PLUS BOOSTER contains essential nutrient that packs antioxidants and helps your body form collagen. Not only does it helps our body have a better defence system but also makes the skin healthy and radiant. This is beauty that glows from within.

Love this soap Ultra White Protect Skin Clarifying Soap from @theopulenceskin because this does not sting unlike other products that do the same job. This is truly worth it because it’s effective in keeping my skin smooth, fresh and radiant. Leaving my skin feeling clean, calm, and smooth, never tight or irritated. I tried using this on my face for a week and it gave my face a kind of rosy cheeks feature. Love the effect! This is really a wonder!! Kudos to this product! 

MJ Perez, Vanity Room PH

I noticed an improvement on my complexion especially on the areas where I've got insect bites, they lightened quickly. Though, the whitening is not that dramatic, at least I know that it whitens and it's effective. I love the glow it gives though, and I think that's the forte of this product eh because it really gives me like super Tisoy looking skin whenever...

I'm not afraid of the sun because of my glow booster body lotion with SPF 30 from Opulence Skin – Philippines! 


It's never too late to achieve that healthy white glow on your skin! Getting beach bummed last month, I need to have my fair skin back. Slowly but surely! Thanks to @theopulenceskin for the amazing results! 


Had enjoyed my summer days without worrying about maintaining my fair white skin! Plus I'm loving the scent of these products! 


Hello Mr. Sun !I don't mind going under you throughout the day because @theopulenceskin is there to take care of my skin. 


Keeping my skin brighter and healthier looking with Opulence whitening products!

Loving the effect of Opulence L-Glutathione! It gives my skin that whiter and glowing skin in a span of three weeks! Definitely my favorite whitening product this summer! 


Thank you so much Opulence Skin - Philippines! Feeling fresh always ‘coz I can combat any stress, and maintain my youthful glow! My favorite is Vitamin C with rosehips. It’s all in one! 


My secrets for white and glowing flawless skin! I just simply use Opulence glow booster body lotion for my skin and Opulence glutathione boosters for my flawless white skin that is beautiful inside and out and I would like to introduce to you guys the new Opulence Vitamin c with Rosehip oil for your daily Vitamin C needs. For more information please check their page Opulence Skin – Philippines. 


It makes my face rosy white and flawless. 


Super love Opulence Gluta Capsules! Will recommend this to my friends!


Yung Vitamin C with Rosehips sobrang nakakafresh! Before, hesitant ako kase first time ko pero nabilib ako. Thank you Opulence  for the treats! Your products are awesome! 


A lightweight coverage and powder finish siya, adds a healthy glow to my face. Gamit ko siya everyday lalo na kapag pumapasok ako sa school. 


Walang halong pambobola at honest lang. Nung una, natakot akong gamitin ang product nila dahil sensitive ang skin ko. Nag kaka bumps agad ako kaya super careful at tinatanong ko muna sa derma ko before ako gumamit pero this product did not fail me. Sa tulad kong sobrang sensitive ang skin, ang Matte Face Cream nila at ang Skin Tone Mousse - WOW grabe napakinis ang mukha ko. Ang Opulence, low price lang yet effective! Napansin ng mga friends ko ang face ko blooming daw at kuminis. Two thumbs up for you guys! 100% eto ang product na reliable. And for the freebies na lotion and clarifying soap, grabe sinubukan ko sa braso ko lumambot ang skin ko. 


Best combo!! Nagpantay ang kulay ng skin ko! Since mahilig ako magjogging outdoor! And of course nag glow ang skin ko! Thank you guys!! Will continue using your supplements!! 


The glycolic soap makes me feel more comfortable. After using, I don’t need to put any other products. Feeling ko nagpa-facial ako kasi kumikintab kintab! Feeling ko ito ang product na gagamitin ko ng matagal. 


Thank you Opulence Skin - Philippines for my forever whitening cream! Yes, I brought it here in Siem Reap, super init kasi dito. Para maprotect ang skin ko kahit mabilad ako sa araw! 


Napapansin ko na nagla-light talaga yung skin ko, maganda yung effect kahit 1 month pa lang akong gumagamit. 


Bumili po ulit ako ng soap kasi maganda siya sa skin, soft at smooth, nagustuhan ko talaga ... At lalo na ang lotion, maganda at glowing. Yes sobrang ganda! Nakakaputi at glowing talaga!