The Basics of Natural Skin Whitening Treatment

Posted by The Opulence Skin on 8/14/2017 to Skin Whitening
The Basics of Natural Skin Whitening Treatment

Recently, both men and women have continuously developed a strong interest to have a noticeable white, smooth, and radiant skin. History unravels the truth behind this strong desire to improving skin complexion, especially in the Asian continent. It first became popular in India, China, and Japan where whiter skin became a status quo. In the ancient dynasties, a person with fair skin implies nobility and high status whereas those with dark skin are labeled as the lower class that needs to work very hard under the sun. 

History goes on and on just like a domino effect. It's contagious, unstoppable and the tradition just keeps on moving. It even becomes stronger these days. With this extreme demand in the market, the skincare industry takes advantage of this opportunity to grow their business and promote beauty. The Philippines is an excellent target market for skin whitening products. Not only in the Philippines does the trend come into action, neighboring countries also experience the same demand. In a research conducted by an independent group, they have noted that 4 out of 10 women in the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and South Korea use skin whitening cream. For some, lighter skin isn't just one of the strong foundation in building self-confidence, it's also a leverage to gain respect and an asset in attracting your special someone from the opposite sex. Believe it or not, based on numerous studies made inside and outside Asia, men think that their partners are more attractive if they have lighter complexion. This need along with the enhancement of technology, the remarkable talent and skills of beauty doctors, and masters in formulating the best products to match all skin types, composes the uncountable options in the market to choose from. From the most affordable to the expensive and luxurious ones, all options are within reach. 

There are two primary options to choose from to achieve a radiant and glowing skin. First is the natural way. Lemon juice solution is the most popular home remedy for skin whitening. The acid content of pure lemon juice is a perfect whitening agent and exfoliant to remove dead skin cells on the topmost layer of the skin. Milk is the second most popular ingredient to skin whitening. It has enzymes that gently lightens and moisturizes the skin. Honey has natural contents to destroy bacteria and other foreign bodies causing damage to skin. 

Aside from the natural remedies, there are reliable skin care products to give your skin a refreshing healthier and lighter glow. The Opulence Skin Whitening Trio has all it takes to give you that stunning statement. Firstly, the Opulence Nutrawhite Glutathione will give you a glow starting from the inside. Glutathione is known to inhibit the synthesis of melanin, the pigment responsible for keeping the skin and hair color giving you a lighter skin. Next is the Opulence Ultra White Skin Clarifying Soap. It's enriched with Aloe Vera Extract, Rosehip Oil, Kojic Acid, Arbutin, and Glutathione. Each ingredient promotes healthy skin cells and rejuvenates the skin with healthier skin cells as it removes the unhealthy and dead skin. The Aloe Barbadensis content leaves the skin calm, smooth and tight. Lastly, the Opulence Ultra White Protect Glow Booster Body Lotion with SPF30, a lotion that protects the skin from the strong UV rays and formulated to fight free radicals and other toxic elements.  

Skin whitening is indeed the fastest growing segment in the beauty industry. Despite all the options available online and from the store, consumers should be more selective about choosing the best product that could match their skin type. Whatever skin whitening strategy you choose, consistency is always the key to achieving your ultimate skin goal. Dreaming of having lighter skin tone isn't bad at all. If it's that one thing that can make you feel more confident and complete, no one should stop you from achieving your dream. 

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