Underarm Whitening 101: A Beginner’s Guide to a Flawless Underarm

Posted by The Opulence Skin on 8/7/2017 to Underarm Whitening
Underarm Whitening 101: A Beginner’s Guide to a Flawless Underarm

Before going through the dreary process of underarm whitening, getting to the roots is the best solution to avoid this issue. It may sound cliché, but true enough, prevention is always better than cure. Knowing how to prevent underarm darkening means getting familiar with all aspects about your underarms. Knowing how exactly they work and how they're affected by your actions, whether it's something natural or something that is triggered by external factors will come a long way in dealing with this problem.

Realistically speaking, in every woman’s life, there always comes a point when the skin gets damaged and this often leads to dark and ugly underarms. Dark underarms are usually noticed during the early adolescent stage especially to the overweight and obese. Some people are more prone to dark underarms compared to others. It is more visible to fair-skinned individuals. Other primary reasons for having dark underarms are poor hygiene or simply not exfoliating the skin causing the build-up of dead skin cells, reactions to skin care products and deodorants, excessive sweating or simply by the friction caused by the rubbing of tight clothes. In some serious cases, dark underarms and hyperpigmentation in visible parts of the body such as the area around the collarbones may be an indication of diabetes. Whatever the cause may be, the burden always goes to the individual herself who feels all the embarrassment and insecurities for having such dark underarms. 

Here are some tips to save you from this embarrassment and to promote healthier and whiter underarms: 

1.         Regularly exfoliate your underarms using body scrub or mild exfoliator when you go for a shower. This can avoid build-up of dead skin cells. 

2.        Make sure armpit hair is properly removed. There are several ways to clear this area. Shaving is the most common and cheapest way. However, this can usually lead to irritation and razor burns causing pain and again, skin discoloration. Using hair removal cream is advisable since it removes hair from the roots. Electrolysis is another form of removal where hair is removed permanently. This is the most effective, yet the most expensive one. Without the hair, the skin becomes clear and fairer. 

3.   Natural remedies are also reliable sources to whiten dark underarms. Just rub lemon slices on your underarms. However, due to its strong acid content, lemon slices can dry your skin. Applying moisturizers can ease the dryness. The most effective moisturizers contain coconut oil and Vitamin E oil. 

4.       Use mild deodorants without the strong chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin. Make sure that deodorant is free from paraben and alum chloride. Aside from being harsh to the skin, these chemicals can also react with sweat and stain your clothes and underarms. 

Opulence Fresh and White Deodorant is specially formulated to lessen skin dryness. It's enriched with ingredients that nourish and whiten skin tone. It prevents excessive sweating by visibly minimizing skin pores. This doesn't contain harmful chemicals as well. In fact, it's fresh smelling and has natural plant extract from Sugar Beet, which provides moisture and reduces skin irritation. It also has Spent Grain Wax, Shea Butter Extract, and Argan Oil to help soothe inflamed skin from shaving and other forms of hair removal practices. It's a complete deodorant with Alpha Arbutin to lighten dark underarms.  

Best practices and proper hygiene along with religious practices of the dos and don'ts in taking care of your underarms can save you from this gloomy situation. Once the stimulus to underarm darkening comes into action, it would be the start of a ripple effect that can make your skin even darker as time goes by. With Opulence Fresh and White Deodorant in your skin regimen, no doubt, your skin can regain its radiance and natural freshness. It's very affordable and can definitely save your skin from irritation and darkening.  

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